MTube: The world’s smallest PC

No folks, that isn’t a portable media player, GPS unit or smartphone that you’re looking at, it’s the world’s smallest PC. The MTube weighs a paltry 5.3 ounces, measures 3.34″ x 3.34″ x 0.78″, sports a 1.0Ghz CPU and 8GB of storage, runs Linux and boasts WiFi and even WiMAX support. They Taiwainese vendor that designed it (also called “MTube”) is calling it the “world’s smallest full-featured PC” and demoed it outputting to a larger display, displaying a digital TV signal and streaming YouTube over WiMAX at CES. Sure, it might be fugly but there’s still no denying that there’s something cool about a pocketable Linux PC. Look for it in Q2 of this year.

For more on the MTube:
– see this video on MTube (via Mini-PC-Pro)
– and see this Gizmodo article

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