New version of Paralells makes Windows disappear

If you work in an enterprise with Intel Macs, chances are that you use Paralells Desktop to run those apps that never went Mac. There are plenty of reasons to run Windows and/or Linux on your Mac and Paralells Desktop is quite simply the most elegant, functional and integrated virtualization solution available for the platform. A new version of Paralells Desktop was made publicly available yesterday via the company’s website and it packs a few impressive new features. Coherence mode allows Windows applications to run like Mac OS X applications–they run transparently alongside your Mac apps and can be dragged, dropped and docked like any other window. A new migration tool called Transporter allows for a user’s PC settings, applications and files to be moved onto a Windows desktop on the Mac–without the need to reinstall Windows. And let’s not forget: the latest version also boasts full Vista compatibility. Paralells is offering the upgrade for free on their website and sells the full version for $79.95 (but you’ll need a Windows license to go with that).

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