Nokia battery hops into bed, burns two

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, convenience store owner Ismail Noorgat and his six month-old son suffered burns at the hands of a recalled Nokia battery that jumped into bed with them. Say what? Apparently Noorgat had left the battery inside his Nokia 6320i, which was charging on his dresser while he slept. At about 1am, the BL-5C battery (which, as you’ll recall, is prone to overheating and expansion) exploded and flew out of the handset and into the bed where Noorgat, his wife and his son were sleeping. Noorgat suffered burns on his foot and his arm while his son suffered lip burns. The moral of the story? Pay attention to product recalls and don’t take them lightly–especially when exploding batteries are involved.

For more on the incident:
– see this Ars Technica story

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