Nokia N810 hits store shelves

Remember that Nokia N810 Internet tablet–the one that we called “the most drool-worthy” of all of Nokia’s devices at CTIA? Well, good news: the N810 is finally available for purchase in the U.S. of A. In case you’ve forgotten, this device sports a touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY keypad, WiFi, GPS, 2GB of storage (expandable to 10GB), a 400Mhz CPU and a custom Linux Maemo interface with a Mozilla-based browser. No, it doesn’t connect to any cellular networks, unless you tether it to a phone via Bluetooth. Still, you’d be hard pressed to find a better portable device for WiFi browsing. Available now from Best Buy, CompUSA, Micro Center, and Nokia’s flagship stores in New York and Chicago for an MSRP of $479.

For more on the N810:
– see this press release

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Oh come on, in this ag of iPhone (both data and wifi) how can you call this device with its sucky in comparision software drool worthy. please deduct 1K geek points 🙂 And give a real math problem will ya to compat spam.

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