Nokia N95 coming in September for $695

Ah, America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Frustrating though it may be, we can single-handedly repel the mighty British Army and Navy, yet we can never seem to get enough high-tech handsets up in here. Yesterday’s announcement from Nokia only served to underscore that point: five new handsets, two new services, one new mobile portal and absolutely no love for the great nation that brought you such important technological innovations as the Model-T Ford, the moon landing and Thanksgiving. Fear not, however, there’s still good news to be had, provided that you’re willing to feed on the scraps that fall from the European table. Nokia has finally announced the final availability and price for the U.S. version of the N95–the company’s top-of-the line, uber-expensive, almost unnecessarily powerful handset. Hope you’re not scared off by a little sticker shock: an unlocked version of the phone will retail for $699 in September via Nokia stores and online retailers.

Sure, the European version of the N95 has been available for some time from importers and Nokia stores, but there’s more to love in the U.S. version of the phone, namely, support for U.S. 3G networks. What’s more, the American N95 will sport a redesigned, recessed camera lens, new music control keys, double the RAM of the original and an increased battery life. So go ahead America: buy a N95 and rock the Stars and Stripes as your wallpaper. You deserve it.

For more on the forthcoming U.S. N95:
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Trump the iPhone with this design and usability? You’re smoking crack! Get off the Nokia payroll, dude!

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