Nokia S60 gets a little less iPhony

Remember Nokia’s prototype touchscreen device that ran a custom version of Symbian’s S60 OS? Remember how it was an almost exact clone of the iPhone? Well, it looks like we might have spoke too soon. The folks over at Crave’s U.K. site traveled to Oulu, Finland where they were given a far more in-depth look at the prototype device at a Nokia R&D facility. From the looks of it, there are a few differentiating features here like support for a stylus or a QWERTY keypad and the ability to support multiple handset form factors. What’s more, Crave got an inside look at some other projects that Nokia has in development, including some advanced applications that take advantage of a device’s cameraphone and a robot dog with a N800 tablet for a head.

See what Nokia is cooking up:
– Check out the photo slideshow from Crave U.K.

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