Nokia’s N96 revealed in spy shot?

First came the Nokia N95. Then there was the U.S. version of the N95. Then there was the 8GB N95. Now what? If rumormongers on the Internet are to be believed, the next in line is the N96. Unfortunately, there are no tech specs to go along with these leaked product shots, which appeared over at Mobile-Review. Still, the photos are surprisingly clear for spy shots and offer a number of different views of the product. Here’s what we can tell from the images: this thing looks to be thinner than the N95, sports a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and takes a design cue from the iPhone (shiny black finish with metal rim all around). Overall, this looks to be one sweet little number, though only time (or a particularly loose-lipped Nokia exec) will tell whether or not this is the true successor to the N95.

For more leaked images:
head over to Gizmodo

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No wonder the photos are clear, the device shown is Nokia’s N81, and has been in the market for some time now… The camera is 2 megapixels though, and I would be greatly surprised (and greatly disappointed too) if the N96 is only going to be an N81 refurbished with a 5mpx camera.
A quick search in Google will show a much more interesting result, plus specs, of the n96. There are a couple things that make it clear (?) that the photos are a fake, and yet some more details that grant them some credibility, as the fact that the model is printed N96N on the phone, so it can be read upside down, and that the double slider sports keys that maybe used as a numerical or a qwerty pad depending on how the phone is positioned.

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