OLPC to sell XO in U.S. this November

Ask and ye shall receive: open-source fans waiting patiently for word of OLPC XO retail sales finally have something to look forward to, as the OLPC project has revealed that the little green laptops will be available to U.S. buyers for a limited time in November. As we reported back in July, an XO unit purchased in North America will subsidize the cost of an XO unit for a student in a developing nation. To that end, they’ll retail for $400 in the U.S. and Canada–just over double what it costs to produce a single XO machine. If that still sounds appealing to you, know that you’ll have a limited amount of time to act: the OLPC project’s "Give 1 Get 1" promotion will only accept orders between the 12th and the 26th of November of this year, thereby ensuring collector’s item status for this little gizmo, at least on this continent. The OLPC project says that the first 25,000 XOs ordered during the two-week window of opportunity will ship in time for Christmas, so if you’re looking for a gift for that philanthropic geek in your life (Melinda Gates, I’m looking in your direction) this just might be the ticket.

Give 1, get 1:
– check out the story at OLPC News

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