OLPC XO raking in the green stuff

If you managed to forget about the OLPC XO over the holiday weekend, allow me to remind you that today is the last day during which you can “give 1, get 1”…well, sort of. It seems that the philanthropist program for the gadget obsessed was so successful that the OLPC project has decided to extend the “deadline” for orders through the end of this year. The OLPC folks have revealed that they’ve received over $2 million in “donations” per day since they started taking orders. That means that there will be a whole lot of little green laptops under the tree this year, both at home and abroad. Want to “give 1” but don’t necessarily want to “get 1”? OLPC will be rolling out a program for you early next year.

In other OLPC news, the project has now introduced bulk ordering on their site for those looking to procure units for educational purposes; quantities of 100-999 go for $300 each, 1000-9999 units are $250 and more than 10,000 will cost you $200 apiece.

For more on the XO:
– see this press release

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