OS X 10.5.2 inches closer to release

Remember that OS X 10.5.2 update that we were supposed to see on the day of the Stevenote? Uh, yeah, about that…apparently the update (which MacBidouille dubbed “the largest and most important intermediate system update ever released by Apple”) didn’t quite make its deadline but worry not Mac fans, it’s still on the way. Mac Rumors reports that a new seed, going by the name of build 9C16, has been seeded to developers, suggesting that we could still see a final release sometime in the near term. According to Mac Rumors, Apple’s new Time Capsule product initially listed OS 10.5.2 as a requirement–though that’s since been changed to OS 10.5.1–suggesting that the update might see release before Time Capsule’s February ship date.

For more on the update:
– see this Mac Rumors article

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