OS X worm hacker’s site hacked?

Yesterday, we reported a security researcher had developed a worm for OS X and successfully infected 1,500 OS X systems on a local network with the virus. Then, something strange happened: “InfoSec Sellout,” the hacker or hackers responsible for the claim, disappeared from view when the blog the original posts appeared on was deleted. A few hours later, it was back online but under a different title and with all of the previous posts missing. In an email exchange with MacWorld, Infosec Sellout claims the site was hacked and the new posts are fraudulent. “Infosecsellout is now dead,” the blogger told MacWorld in an email. “It was a great experiment to see how the industry could handle some honesty, which they can’t. They are quick to attack the credibility of others in order to hide their own flaws.” Seems like the hacker’s cover was blown, the whole thing was a hoax or both. Either way, this is starting to smell a bit fishy.

For more on the ongoing worm saga:
– see this MacWorld article

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