Palm/ACCESS Linux platform unveiled at last

We’ve been hearing a lot about Palm’s forthcoming Linux-based, next-gen mobile OS for quite some time but it’s nice to finally see some progress. ACCESS has just launched a site to show off the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) on which Palm’s Garnet OS will be based and it looks quite attractive, indeed. The Palm fans over at Treonauts note that “the interface looks quite clean and elegant…[and] finally provides more color depth and a 3D feel.” They even go so far as to compare the ALP screenshots to the iPhone OS.

Here’s what else we know about ALP: it is expected to support input from a “QWERTY keyboard, 5Way Nav button, touchscreen and digitizer as well as multiple hard keys,” will allow for simultaneous data and voice connections, will boast built-in support for TCP/IP, 802.11g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB and will support resolutions up to 400 x 800. All in all, it sounds like ALP is shaping up to be a solid alternative to the iPhone OS–all that’s left is for Palm to build a killer device for it to run on.

For more on ALP:
– see this Treonauts article

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