Palm CEO talks up Linux OS

When it comes to Palm and Linux-based mobile operating systems, things can get a little confusing. You see, the company currently has two separate next-gen Linux operating systems in the works: the ACCESS-developed successor to OS Garnet (rumored to be delayed until as late as 2009) and the in-house "Palm OS II," which was set to debut alongside the Foleo before getting shelved until 2008. While there’s still no official word on the former, we now have a few new tidbits on the latter thanks to Palm CEO Ed Colligan, who has been yapping to investors about how great the next version of Palm OS will be. In the company’s Q1 FY08 conference call, Colligan stressed that the new OS "does not lose the ease of use and developer support," that partners "have had for more than a decade with the Palm OS." Furthermore, he stated that the new OS could be deployed across a wide range of devices, including gadgets with a Foleo-like design. Wrapping things up, Colligan promised investors that Palm’s next-generation of devices will take the form of "revolutionary device types." While that’s all well and good, with the new OS scheduled to arrive before the end of calendar year 2008, one can’t help but wonder what the company plans to do in the meantime.

For more on the new OS:
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