Palm Linux smartphone in October?

We all know that Palm is hard at work on a next-gen Linux-based OS. We also know that the company is increasingly trying to distance itself from its PDA past by inching closer and closer to the hot smartphone market. So a Linux-based smartphone seems like just what the doctor ordered, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to see in October, if the latest rumors are to be believed–but wait, there’s a twist. According to the rumor mill, the phone will run the Wind River Systems version of Linux found in the Palm Foleonot the Access Linux Platform (ALP) that we’ve all been eagerly anticipating. That might take a little wind out of the old sails, though admittedly, Palm could really use a next-gen smartphone and soon, no matter what the cost.

For more on the rumor:
– see this Digitimes article

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