Pantech Duo slides onto AT&T;

AT&T has a thing for sliders as of late, or so it seems: not too long after unleashing the HTC Tilt, the carrier is releasing yet another slider, the Pantech Duo. In case you haven’t heard of Pantech, they’re the guys behind the well-received Helio Ocean. The Duo is actually a similar device in a lot of ways but it’s smaller and it’s also a dual-slider, which means that it has a QWERTY that slides out from the side and a T9 numpad that slides out from the bottom. On board this GSM world phone you’ll find Windows Mobile 6 and 3G support but unfortunately, no touchscreen, GPS or WiFi like on the Tilt. Despite the lack of features, the phone has been getting fairly good reviews thanks to its large screen, nicely spaced QWERTY keypad and addictive sliding action. Available now for $200 with a two-year contract.

For more on the Pantech Duo:
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