Pink Zunes for charity

Earlier this month we saw Sony rolling out a handful of pink gizmos for Breast Cancer Awareness month. In addition to dolling up the gadgets in a coat of pink paint, Sony vowed to kick a few bucks over to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Looks like Microsoft and Ford are upping the ante: if you buy the limited-edition 30GB Zune pictured above, they’ll donate “100-percent of the purchase price” of $250 to breast cancer foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Sure, it’s a first-gen Zune, but as you’ll recall, it’ll still get all of those Zune 2.0 goodies via a firmware update. If you’re looking to buy a Zune and don’t mind supporting a good cause while you’re at it, this just might be the ticket.

For more on the charitable Zune:
– see the Ford Warriors in Pink website

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