Remember: New iMacs tomorrow (probably)

Look alive, Mac fans! In case you had somehow forgotten, tomorrow is the day Apple reveals a new Mac product or products–and it’s looking increasingly likely that new iMacs are set to make their public debut. Aside from all of the reasons that we listed off last week, one new development is further tipping the scales in the direction of new iMacs: according to various reports, Apple and Best Buy stores have stopped receiving shipments of standard Apple keyboards. Hmm…

By the way, if waiting one more day to see the redesigned iMacs sounds like an impossible task, you’ll be happy to hear that Photoshop-happy fanboys the world over have already started cobbling together images of what they hope the new machines will look like. Gizmodo even received a set of images from a tipster purporting to be authentic photos of the new iMac. To me, they look like blurry photos of an Apple Cinema Display with an iSight and an iMac logo Photoshopped on but feel free to reach your own conclusions…

Finally, we’ll be updating the DailyTechRag website tomorrow with specs and photos as soon as the Apple news hits, so do check back in the afternoon.

For more on the iMac:
– see this story on the keyboard shortage
– and this blurry photo from Gizmodo

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