Rumor: New BlackBerry Pearl to sport GPS, WiFi

RIM’s new BlackBerry Curve may be getting all the love these days, what with its impressive multimedia capabilities and all, but the aging Pearl is not forgotten. To wit, rumors are flying that RIM is preparing to unleash the latest revision of the Pearl, to be deemed the 8120, which will sport a bevy of new features. According to reports, the new Pearl will add GPS, WiFi and a 2-megapixel camera. Most striking, however, is that the phone will allegedly be available in a smattering of new colors like black, red, titanium, blue, and gold. The new Pearls will allegedly launch with an as yet unnamed U.S. carrier in September, with Canadians getting the device via Rogers a week later. “I was a betting man, I’d place a wager on T-Mobile launching this device in September,” said the elusive Boy Genius Report.

For more on the new Pearl:
– see this Boy Genius Report article

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