Rumor: No $200 Asus Eee PC for U.S.A.

Asus’ Eee PC may have been delayed but don’t worry, it hasn’t changed since you last saw it … well not much, anyway. The machine is a still tiny, flashed-based wonder with a ridiculous name but one small detail may have changed: the price. According to a poster on an Eee PC forum (there’s such a thing?) claiming to be a high-level manager at Asus, the company will ship three models in the U.S. in late September: a $269-$299 model with a 7-inch display, 2GB of storage, 4 or 6-cell battery, 512MB of RAM and WiFi and a $369-399 model with the same specs save for 4GB of storage. And what of that previously discussed $200 model with 4GB of storage space? Turns out that one won’t be making it’s way to these United States, at least according to the forum poster. As Internet messageboards aren’t known to be bastions of truth and justice, I’d take this one with a healthy dose of salt, at least until we receive the official word from the folks at Asus.

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