Samsung invents water-powered phone

Using water to power the latest gadgets isn’t as new as you might think: geeks back in the Middle Ages hooked up water wheels to a then-new piece of hardware called a “mill”. If Samsung has their way, however, cell phones could soon be powered by H2O as well–and rest assured, you’re not going to have to lug a water wheel around with you for it to work. The latest green tech from Sammy is a micro fuel cell that’s powered by hydrogen; simply strap one onto the back of your handset and you’re good to go for 10 hours. Anyone hoping to fill up their BlackJack in the kitchen sink may be disappointed, however–initial applications of the tech will take the form of disposable hydrogen cartridges that will need to be replaced every four days, assuming four hours of use per day. Later on down the line, Samsung hopes to release phones that can run on pure water–for now, however, we’ll have to content ourselves by waiting for the hydrogen cartridge models, which could arrive by 2010.

For more on the water-powered phone:
– see this article from the Chosun Ilbo

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