Samsung ships 2nd gen WiMAX devices…in Korea

With all the recent tumult surrounding Sprint and its increasingly troubled-looking XOHM WiMAX service, it’s hard to believe that WiMAX is anything more than a fleeting fantasy. True though that may be on this side of the pond, elsewhere in the world, WiMAX networks are already up and running–and have been for some time. To wit, Samsung has announced the second generation of devices for KT’s and SKT’s now year-old WiBro WiMAX service, which serves customers in South Korea. To the right you’ll see the SPH-9200, a tiny Windows XP-based UMPC that supports HSDPA, WiFi and, of course, mobile WiMAX. Samsung also has a pair of USB WiMAX modems on tap, as well as a Windows Mobile 6 WiMAX smartphone. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were trying to rub it in.

For more on the new devices:
– see this press release

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