Sony’s LED-backlit, SSD-sporting ultraportable

I can’t quite recall how I spent my 10th birthday but I’m fairly sure that it probably involved some combination of Chuck E. Cheese’s, party hats and Ghostbusters toys. Sony’s line of Vaio portables, however, have a bit more class than that and accordingly, have decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary with the sleek Vaio Type T 10th Anniversary sub-notebook. Sporting an LED-backlit 1,366 x 768 11.1-inch panoramic screen, 1GB of memory, 8 hours of battery life,  and either a 32GB flash SSD and a 160GB hard drive or a 80GB hard drive with dual-layer DVD-R drive, this is, essentially, the perfect laptop. Did I neglect to mention that it’s a mere 0.88-inches thin and 2.68-pounds light? Of course, there’s a catch: it’s super expensive and (for the time being, at least) available only in Japan. The special edition beast launches May 26th in the Land of the Rising Sun, along with other members of the Vaio TZ family. Here’s hoping they’ll land on our fair shores soon.

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