Sony ships sliding UMPC

Is it a Nokia N810-style tablet? Is it a tablet PC? Is it a sliding smartphone on steroids? No, no and no. What we’ve got here is Sony’s Vaio UX490N, which the company is officially calling a UMPC. Inside you’ll find a 1.2Ghz Intel Core 2 Solo U2200 ULV CPU, 1GB of RAM, two built-in cameras (one in front and one in back), a 48GB SSD, fingerprint scanner, WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in support for AT&T’s 3G data network and a 4.5 inch, 1024×600 touchscreen. And to top it all off, Windows Vista Business, natch. That’s a whole lot of hardware in a surprisingly small package but like everything else that rocks that Vaio logo, it’s gonna cost you: the Vaio UX490N is yours now for a mere $2500.

For more on the UMPC:
– see this article from Micro PC Talk

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