Sony Vaio G is spill proof

Looks like Sony has finally gotten around to updating its fleet of Vaio G-Series enterprise laptops and while the upgrade includes a number of routine features, there’s at least one thing here that’s new to the Vaio line: a spill-proof keyboard. Apparently, pouring a little liquid on the keys doesn’t stop the show, as the juice in question will simply drain out of a “water pit” at the rear of the machine. In the event of a major spill, however, the machine will automatically shut down, in the hopes of saving the laptop’s electrically-charged innards. In addition to this lack of hydrophobia, the flagship G2 is available with either a U7600 or U7500 Core 2 Duo CPU, optional SSDs ranging from 32GB to 64GB and 11 hours of battery life. As with the previous generation, the latest G-Series machines will only be available in Japan, so if you’re the clumsy type, keep your fingers crossed that Sony brings a machine with a similar design to the U.S. soon.

For more on the new Series-G:
– see this Gizmodo article

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