Sprint: new smartphones for Black Friday

Remember that BlackBerry Pearl 8130 that Sprint talked up back in September? Looks like it’s finally landing on the Sprint network, come Black Friday, November 23rd. In case you’ve forgotten, the 8130 is the GPS variant of the Pearl and also features EV-DO and stereo Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll be able to pick it up from Sprint with a Power Vision BlackBerry Pack if you like, which will add unlimited web and data access over EV-DO, unlimited text messaging, support for up to 10 email accounts, plus Sprint Navigation and Sprint TV, all for $30 on top of your existing voice plan.

What’s more, two other smartphones are scheduled to hit Sprint on the same day, both from Motorola: the Windows Mobile 6-sporting Q9c and the durable Moto i335 (which will be available from Nextel).

For more on the new devices:
– see this Gizmodo article

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