Sprint still bringing WiMAX by 08, probably

A while back, we reported that Sprint had vowed to bring WiMAX to Chicago, Washington D.C. and 100 million other unsuspecting folks by 2008. Well, I’m sitting in downtown Washington as we speak and let me tell you, I certainly can’t see any WiMAX rays from where I’m sitting. Apparently, Sprint is still working on this thing: they’ve revealed a few new details on exactly how the network will be rolled out in conjunction with its partners and where. Motorola will handle Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Minneapolis; Samsung is in charge of Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Washington D.C.; and Nokia will bring us Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and Seattle. That’s a whole lot of WiMAX and if they make good on these promises, Sprint’s network could be the killer network. Sprint is still promising an initial rollout by the end of the year, the whole hog by the end of 2008 and a “number” of markets up and running by this April. Stay tuned.

For more on Sprint’s WiMAX plans:
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