Sun goes green with new data center

You know what they say: lead by example. Sun has apparently taken that adage to heart–today, the company will open the doors to its new green data center. Located in Santa Clara, Calif., the 76,000-square-foot data center is set to provide a showcase for Sun’s green IT technologies. According to Sun, the data center is significantly more compact, thanks to the use of eco-friendly technologies. The center’s size was reduced from 200,000 square feet to only 76,000 square feet and the number of server racks used was cut from 550 to 65. This reduction in size has also allowed for a reduction in overall power consumption by about 30 percent, leading to $1.1 million in yearly savings. “This site demonstrates Sun’s commitment to eco responsibility and we will be sharing aspects of what we are using with other folks,” said Mark Monroe, director of sustainable computing at Sun. “We also want to show customers how they can implement a similar data center strategy and achieve savings and energy efficiency.”

For more on the green data center:
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