AT&T; 8525 gets an official WM6 upgrade

If you’re an owner of the AT&T 8525, sometimes known as the Hermes, you might have found yourself tempted by the AT&T Tilt, the latest version of the venerable HTC slider. Sure, the Tilt has a number of attractive features: it’s smaller and sleeker, it has a GPS radio and an improved camera and it “tilts.” For many true fans, however, the most attractive feature is that it sports Windows Mobile 6. Thinking about upgrading? Stop! HTC has just released a legit Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the 8525, which means that you can rock the new OS on your old hardware without any hackery required. That might just be enough to keep some of you from buying a new device for the time being–just make sure you back up all of your data and applications before upgrading, as they’ll all be lost in the upgrade process.

For more on the upgrade:
– visit HTC’s website

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