T-Mobile/HTC Shadow unveiled

Well, well, well, take a look at what the cat dragged in. Looks like the T-Mobile Shadow, which you might also know as the HTC Juno. Basically, this thing is one of the smaller Windows Mobile 6 smartphones on the market and while it’s fairly lean in the specs department (WiFi, Bluetooth, 128MB RAM, BlackBerry Pearl-style QWERTY numpad) it looks to more than make up for its lack of flashy features with an intuitive UI. Basically, T-Mo has gone and overlaid the less-than-attractive Windows Mobile interface with a purty new custom UI. “Like other WM6 devices including Sprint’s recently launched HTC Touch and Verizon’s Motorola Q9m, it has an interface skin that shields the user from the immediate effects of the Windows Mobile UI,” Gizmodo writes. “But unlike those other two, this one goes a little deeper, letting you do quite a bit without ever seeing Windows Mobile.” Gizmodo editor Brian Lam goes a step further: “I think this is one of the first WM devices I’d be able to live with.” The Shadow will be available from T-Mobile starting on Wednesday, for $150 with a two-year contract.

For more on the Shadow:
– see this Gizmodo article
– and this video of the new UI

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