T-Mobile launching 3G/UMTS network next month?

While every other major U.S. wireless carrier launched a 3G network in some shape or form over the past few years, T-Mobile sat and watched, taking its own sweet time to develop a 3G network of its own. T-Mobile might be the last to take a seat at the 3G table but its network certainly won’t be offering the least; Given that T-Mobile has built their 3G network from the ground-up to be fully upgradeable, some are predicting T-Mobile’s could be the premier 3G network in the States. The only question that remains is when the network will actually launch.

If a leaked handset listing offers any indication, the answer could be “quite soon.” The Boy Genius Report has uncovered documents relating to the Samsung t639–T-Mobile’s first 3G phone–set to arrive on Sept. 10. In addition to a number of mostly standard features, the t639 sports a 1700 MHz UMTS radio, which will ostensibly be used on T-Mobile’s next-gen network. Will T-Mobile’s network really launch within the month? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. 

For more on the t639:
– see this post from the Boy Genius Report

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