T-Mobile sells unlocked iPhone…for $1500

Yesterday, we reported on a preliminary injunction that Vodafone filed to halt T-Mobile’s sales of the iPhone in Germany, on the grounds that T-Mo’s exclusive deal with Apple was detrimental to the consumer. Well, T-Mobile has fired back… by selling an unlocked version of the iPhone. Before you reach for your wallet, however, you should know that the unlocked version will run you €999–almost $1500, according to the current exchange rate. While the idea of an unlocked iPhone is all well and good, it’s kind of hard to justify paying nearly three times the value of the device just for the privilege of using it on another network–which is probably what T-Mo and Apple are banking on.

For more on the unlocked iPhone:
– see this Engadget article

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I can’t wait to buy an iPhone for Christmas.. In my opinion it’s the best phone ever made 😀
But iPhone isn’t just wonderful things… Greenpeace made some scientific tests and found out that iPhone contains hazardous chemicals… Here is the video: weshow.com/us/p/22543/greenpeace_unveals_iphones_hazardous_chemicals
Unbelievable right? Steve should do something asap!

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