Third-party iPhone apps with one click

When Apple re-locked the iPhone, it temporarily brought an end to the SIM-unlocking and third-party application running that had become the norm for iPhone-owning geeks. As we all know, however, you can’t keep anything locked for very long in the tech world and as expected, the hackers have already made their next move in this little game of cat and mouse with Cupertino. While enabling third-party apps on an iPhone running firmware version 1.1.1 isn’t new, unlocking the phone to run unsigned code using only one click is. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, however: AppSnapp uses a recently-discovered .tiff vulnerability in your iPhone’s Safari browser to install an application that has root access to your device. The ironic part? AppSnapp promptly patches the .tiff hole after unlocking your device, making it more secure than it was before you hacked it. Interested parties need only navigate to and click the button, though Apple is sure to lock things up again with the next firmware update. Until then, let the good times roll.

For more on AppSnapp:
– see this TUAW article

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