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Asus news from FierceCIO


Laptop battery shortage should be over by Q3

Last month, we reported on a laptop battery shortage, casued by a fire at a South Korean chemical plant owned by LG, the

Read more…
Tags: Dell   laptop battery   Batteries   Eee PC   Asus  

Asus launching M930 smartphone

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone from Asus, exactly like we’ve been expecting. Behold, the Asus M930! On the outside, it looks like a regular old Read more…
Tags: WiFi   Smartphones   Eee PC   Asus  

Asus plans to sell 3.8M Eee PCs in 2008

You can’t say that they’re not tenacious: Asus, maker of the runaway hit Eee PC, plans to sell 3.8 million of the Read more…
Tags: Microsoft   windows xp   Laptops   Asus  

ALSO NOTED: Firefox: over 125 million served; IBM sues over flammable laptop batteries;

> IBM sues over counterfeit, flammable laptop batteries. Article> 8GB Asus Eee PC gets spec’d, Read more…
Tags: Firefox   Intel   amd   ipod   Samsung   memory   laptop batteries   Asus  

Asus Nova is an orange to Apple’s Mini

Sure, Asus might be best known for its portable machines (Eee PC anyone?) but that doesn’t mean that the Taiwanese company can’t also cook up a Read more…
Tags: Asus   Mac Mini  

Eee PC vs. the OLPC XO

Though they might be different machines with different target audiences, you can’t blame folks for wanting to compare Read more…
Tags: WiFi   Laptops   operating systems   Asus   OLPC  

ALSO NOTED: Is it possible to secure your organization’s laptops?; Does the Asus Eee PC violate the GPL?;

> Does the Asus Eee PC violate the GPL? Article> Verizon’s LG Venus gets reviewed. Read more…

Intel readying 45nm CPU for low-cost PCs?

Whether in the Chinese market or on the shelves of the local Wal-Mart, it’s clear that low-cost Read more…
Tags: Intel   Asus  

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