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Google, team up for online ads

Enterprise folks, prepare for two of your favorite pieces of online software to finally collide: and Google AdWords. The two companies are preparing to announce Salesforce Group Edition, a jointly-developed product that features full Google AdWords integration. While Salesforce users were previously able to launch AdWords from within a Salesforce application, will now act as a certified reseller of the AdWords platform. Salesforce Group Edition will allow …

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DreamFactory debuts web-based presentation app

As you may already know, we here at DailyTechRag think that the idea of web-based applications in the enterprise is pretty swell. So we couldn’t help but be excited when DreamFactory showed us their newest product, Carousel, a web-based presentation tool. What exactly is a web-based presentation tool? Think about what PowerPoint might look like if it were built around Web 2.0 and you’re on the right track. …

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EMC updates application mapping tools

EMC’s Smarts division will update its Application Discovery Manager software to version 5.0 next week. ADM is designed to find problems with your software and infrastructure, and now it’s being merged with the IT mapping software of recent EMC acquisition nLayers, officials explained. There are also some new database features, integration with BEA and Oracle software and new programming interfaces. ADM 5.0 starts at $50,000 and will ship immediately.

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