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Reader Testimonials

DailyTechRag is timely, vibrant, informative, and, best of all, well-organized so I can review it in moments. Keep it up.
Eve Sawick
Director, US Content Development, CRIBIS Corporation
I use DailyTechRag to keep my team updated on what is going on in CRM and enterprise software.
Timothy P. Flaherty – Alliance Vice President, Avaya
I use DailyTechRag daily to find new ways to help my customers.
Mike Stagg – Researcher/Director,
A quick update on the enterprise IT marketplace and current trends. Short and sweet!
H. Thorpe – President, IMS Corp.
DailyTechRag keeps me updated on a broad spectrum of industry activities in a minimum amount of time.
Andy Fields – Product Marketing, Intel
Gives me the top stories in the enterprise sector in an easy-to-read format without having to do any research on my end.
Ken Dalle-Molle – Manager, Market Analysis, Xilinx
Well done!
Patricia Meder – Sr. Partner, RightSource Communications
A great overview.
Einar Gudmundsson – CFO, RSN Inc.
Informative and timely – it helps me stay on top of trends.
Robb Henshaw – Account Coordinator, Engage PR
I like the summarization of new and forecasted developments in the CRM industry.
Mary Ann Porter – CRM Manager, Grote Industries
I use DailyTechRag to see what is going on in the marketplace and to help quantify addressable markets for various product offerings.
Terri Edmunds
Marketing Development Consultant, Lucent Technologies
I use it to monitor the activities of CRM vendors and support competitive intelligence analysis.
Warren Martil – Product Marketing Analyst, Competitive Intelligence, Amdocs
Great information about mergers and acquisitions and what our competitors are up to.
Rob Wilkes – European HRM Product Manager, Microsoft
DailyTechRag keeps me current as an insider in the business.
Robert McGarvey
Director of Strategic Performance, Beckett & Beckett, Inc.
DailyTechRag is extremely well edited– a few minutes reading a day, and you develop an extremely relevant sense of who’s doing what out there.
Greg Deocampo – Principal, GD Computing + Communications
I read a lot of interesting info on DailyTechRag first.
Tom O’Brien, Account Manager. Time Inc.
DailyTechRag has been instrumental in keeping me connected to the trends in IT in the US and worldwide. I have instituted it as mandatory daily reading for my entire team!
Michael J. Case – Partner, Optia Partners K.K.

Keeps me abreast of things which would normally fall through the cracks. I recommend it to all my colleagues.

Srinivasan Balram – CTO, Marlabs

DailyTechRag is the best source of daily news in the software industry.

Cristiano B. M. Oliveira – CTO, Spring Wireless
Your case studies give me a window into who’s doing what, when, where and why. Always valuable information.
Chris Forsyth
Executive Editor, Sybase Magazine, Sybase, Inc.
Gets to the point. I don’t have time to spend hours of reading.
Antonio Chiodi – Director of Sales, Multiradio SA
I use DailyTechRag as one source for keeping up with what is going on in enterprise technologies, including what partnerships are being struck and when products are released.
Laura Shown – eBusiness Marketing Manager, Sprint
Timely news, very targeted, no fluff.
Tal Benzion – Product Manager, Netopia
To-the-point information without the side issues – DailyTechRag helps me make the best decisions for my company and our clients.
Michael F. Ross – CEO, Absolute Networking Systems
A quick, informative read. It’s handy to keep up with trends and competitors.
Mark Meyer – Marketing Manager, Stratasoft
Helps me keep up with industry trends and news.
Dirk Altenhoff – Manager IT Services, Siemens
The general consensus for both myself and my sales staff is that DailyTechRag is one of the best out there. What we appreciate most is the ‘lack of noise.’
Erik Hille – VP Marketing, Amacis
I open DailyTechRag before anything else. It offers real value.
Steven Bachert – Regional Director, PTC
DailyTechRag is timely with straight shooting information when you need it.
Tim Alexander – CEO Third Millennium Global News
Of all the Fierce publications, DailyTechRag gives the most coverage of Web Services. I love it!
Faraz Hoodbhoy – Technology Evangelist, Clickmarks, Inc.
I enjoy DailyTechRag and read it regularly ahead of many others that come my way.
Cynthia Erdman
Director of Strategy, Business Development and Global Operations IBM Developer Relations
DailyTechRag is very good. I read it everyday. There are not many things I read everyday, so that’s saying something.
Charlotte Erwin
Publisher, Brandweek and Technology Marketing magazines
The best quick fix on issues and opportunities dealing with CRM, IT, and enterprise software.
Paul Dolbec – Sun Microsystems
Your articles on SAP, EDS and RFID hit a home run with my information requirements. DailyTechRag gives me the confidence (every day!) that I have the latest information on vendors, products, and technologies that I need in order to make decisions and provide good advice to others in Government. Thanks for making my life easier!
Rosemary Travis – Department of the Navy
Your daily report is, without reservation, the best of its kind in the field.
Peter Small – iGATE Clinical Research
A terrific source for what is happening in enterprise software – quick, relevant news.
Bud Michael – CEO, Biz360
DailyTechRag is an effective resource for my organization to stay abreast of relevant IT industry issues, strategic thinking and technology developments that impact our clients.
Peter Conley – Director of Investment Strategy, MDB Capital Group
Fierce gives me the “scoop” I need, often before the news hits other news organizations.
Constance Kobylarz – CEO, Aton International, Inc.
Simple and direct — with valuable information.
Shimon Shoulian, CEO, Reach-Out CRM
Helps me keep abreast of developments in a readable and engaging format. Good work!
Marcie Weber, Director, ACE*COMM Corporation
Brief, concise updates on industry and its trends.
Howard B. Haimes, Ph.D.
Executive Director Preclinical Sciences, Alteon
Filters out the “noise” of the news and delivers the most important, timely information each day.
Chet Kolley – VP of Sales & Business Development, Clickmarks
Simple and direct — with valuable information.
Shimon Shoulian, CEO, Reach-Out CRM
DailyTechRag keeps me aware of all the happenings in the information technology industry that really matter.
Shankar AVSB, Infosys Technologies


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