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AMD: Intel 'extracted $60 billion in monopoly profits'

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Created Aug 6 2007 - 6:59am

What did we tell you, folks: this brewing EU anti-competitive tussle between AMD and Intel can't help but heat up. Just last week, Intel fired back at AMD and the EU [1], asserting that "Intel's conduct has been lawful, pro-competitive, and beneficial to consumers." Now, AMD is back with a scathing press release of its own--and you had better believe this one ups the ante as far as mudslinging goes. According to a "new economic study" (conducted by a research firm under contract to AMD, natch), Intel "has extracted $60 billion in monopoly profits over the past decade." The "study" goes on to allege that this money "...moved straight from consumers' pockets to Intel's monopoly coffers." According to AMD, consumers stand to save as much as $80 billion in during the next decade, if Intel's supposed monopoly is destroyed. Those are some pretty harsh words--even though they seem to paint a picture of Intel as a little guy in a top hat and handlebar mustache. Expect retaliation soon.

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- see this AMD press release [2]

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