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User Interface Tweaks

User Interface Tweaks


The first thing that you'll probably notice about Photoshop CS3 is the new user interface. Adobe has tweaked the look and functionality of a number of UI components in CS3 and the changes are mostly positive. The most noticeable change here is Photoshop's various palettes, which have become more dynamic and collapsible, in the hopes of creating more usable space on screen. You'll see the new primary toolbar to your left: notice that it now appears as a single column, though it can be easily configured to use the old two column layout. This new toolbar can be a real space saver, especially on smaller laptop displays and we found that the slimmer toolbar goes a long way in freeing up screen real-estate. Users of ultraportable laptops, rejoice!


Speaking of changes to the UI, the standard palettes see a number of changes to both their default orientation and behavior in Photoshop CS3:



Above you'll see the regular palettes in all of their glory, however, with just the flick of a switch... can extend the palette to access more functions.


Speaking of the various palettes, instead of simply toggling on and off, they can now be dragged and dropped and they stick together like magnets. For example, if we pull out the color palette, as seen above...


It then becomes its own self-contained palette, with the remaining two sticking together automatically to save space. This makes the process of moving palettes around far less frustrating--if a palette happens to be in the way, simply move it and the remaining palettes will reconfigure themselves on the screen.

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