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Android SDK frustrating developers?

If you're a developer with mobile ambitions, chances are that you downloaded and cracked open the Android SDK as soon as it became available. And with good reason too: not only do you have an opportunity to develop an application for what could become a popular mobile platform, you also have a chance to win millions of dollars in prize money from Google.

In case you haven't actually had the time to start developing your application yet, Ars Technica has a few hands-on impressions of the Android development process that should help you get an idea of what you're getting into. Unfortunately, it's not all roses, as Ars reports that Android is "...a highly promising foundation that is plagued by transitional challenges and a development process that needs more work." Though they were impressed by Android's potential for supporting multiple device types, the ease of development for the API and the tight integration between the Eclipse plug-in and the software emulator, Ars found Google's lack of both documentation and a public issue-tracking system for the SDK inexcusable. "Android has many bugs, some of which are impeding development. Unfortunately, Google's QA infrastructure for the platform is completely inadequate for a project of Android's scope and magnitude."

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