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Google launches Apps for Your Domain

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Making good on our earlier reports, Google has re-launched its Google Apps For Your Domain service, in two new flavors. The standard apps include a custom home page, a web-based Gmail client, Google Calendar and Google Talk. The "Premier Edition" includes all of these plus Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. In line with the pricing estimate given earlier ("a few dollars per person per month"), Google will charge $50 per seat, per year. To ally the fears that some may have about web-based software, Google is promising 99.9 percent uptime to its enterprise customers. "Our goal is to provide an application that's a pleasure to use for the end user. All too often, we hear users, especially in larger companies, say, 'Why can't it just work like Google?' and that's what we want to provide: Google applications in a business environment," said Matt Glotzbach, head the Google Enterprise Product Team. The company still denies that it's planning to take on Microsoft in the realm of productivity software. You know, just like how Apple denied for years that it was working on a cell phone.

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