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HTC users will have to wait until June for WM6

Users of fine HTC products like the Excalibur (a.k.a. the T-Mobile Dash) raise your hands: you will have to wait until at least June if you want Windows Mobile 6 on your handheld the official way. Sure, there have been upgrade ROMs of questionable quality floating around in the Internet ether for some time now but if you want the new OS all official-like, you'll have to wait for HTC to stop dragging its feet and issue some legit ROMs. The company has finally announced the upgrade path for the TyTN, the 620, the P4350, the P330 and the Advantage, all of which will see WM6 ROMs available at HTC's site in June. U.S. users, however, may have to wait for those ROMs to filter down through their carrier, a process that could add a few more months to the already excruciating wait.

For more on HTC's Windows Mobile 6 plans:
- see this Gizmodo article

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