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RIM to release virtual BlackBerry OS for WM6

Last week had to be one of the roughest weeks in history for BlackBerry fans. So it's good to see that things are finally looking up for addicts of the pint-sized email device. Not only is service back up and running, there's some good news from RIM that will entice even non-BlackBerry folks. The company is planning to release a virtualized version of its operating system for Windows Mobile 6, so that users of rival handsets can also enjoy the BlackBerry way of life. According to RIM, the virtualized OS will even allow users to toggle between Windows Mobile and the BlackBerry OS on the fly, which opens up a wide range of possibilities for smartphones to become more versatile. The company has not yet revealed whether the software will be a free download but users of the virtual BlackBerry OS will surely have to pay for BlackBerry service through their carrier, regardless. Still, this is great news for Windows Mobile users with BlackBerry envy and BlackBerry users with handset envy alike. "You have a responsibility of either supporting openness or you're not the standard platform," said RIM's co-chief executive Jim Balsillie. "If you don't do this you're really not giving the carriers and corporations what they expect."

For more on the announcement:
- see this article from the AP

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