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Sony to recall 300,000 Vaio batteries

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We've reported on the recalls. We've reported on the subsequent laptop battery shortage. And just yesterday, we reported on the first potential lawsuit related to the recall, from one of Sony's partners, no less. After weeks of press coverage and projected losses of over $300 million, what do that suits at Sony HQ have to say? "Hmm, perhaps there is something to this battery problem after all." At least that's how it seems, as the company has finally admitted defeat, announcing a recall of 300,000 batteries that shipped with their own Vaio mobile PCs. That brings the grand tally of recalled batteries to about 8 million. Maybe they thought that if they ignored the recall, it would just go away? Regardless, this recall thing had better die down soon because I'm running out of jokes to make at Sony's expense.

For more on the recall:
- check out this report at Engadget


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