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Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon reviewed

Thinking of deploying Ubuntu in your place of toil? Well, in that case, you had better head over to Ars Technica and let those folks drop some science on you. As expected, they've run the latest version of the Linux distro through the paces, churning out a five-page review in the process. So, what did they think? Ars walked away mostly impressed with the OS's easy installation process, automated software update manager, improved display/graphics support and other new features. While a few new tools seemed a little half-baked, Ars still seems to think that Ubuntu 7.10 still offers the best desktop Linux experience. "Distributions have improved at an astounding pace, and Ubuntu leads the pack on the desktop," Ars writes. "Ubuntu 7.10 provides an effective and usable Linux platform that has a lot to offer a more mainstream audience as well as Linux enthusiasts."

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