Lenovo intros solar-powered PC

Green Technology

Sure, we’ve seen some eco-friendly servers before. Heck, we’ve even seen an entire data center built from the ground up to be kind to mother nature. But here’s something that we haven’t seen yet: a solar-powered PC. Lenovo is really upping the ante with its ThinkCentre A61e, which can be powered by an optional solar panel. Don’t dismiss this as one for the hippies, though: there’s still a fair amount of power under the hood, including an AMD Athlon X2 Dual-core Processor at the heart of it all. There’s also plenty to love for the granola and Birkenstocks crowd: this thing only eats up 45 watts of power and boasts both an EPEAT Gold rated PC rating and Energy star 4.0 compliance. Best of all, this green-friendly box won’t cost a lot of green: the ThinkCentre A61e starts at just $399.

For more on the ThinkCentre A61e:
– see this press release


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