More Zune 2 details surface

hard drive
Microsoft Zune

Okay, so it’s Tuesday and still no Zune announcement…hmm. At any rate, more details are now starting to surface and if Engadget‘s “trusted source close to the situation” is to be believed, tomorrow–not today–is the day when all that new Zuneage gets unveiled. To back up these claims, Engadget has provided us with a legit-looking photo of a regular old Zune running firmware version 2.1–the new firmware revision that will allegedly allow the old Zune to play nice with its soon-to-be-born younger siblings. Meanwhile, over at Zune Scene, some photos showed up of what look like cardboard demo units of the new Zunes for in-store displays. These look almost identical to the leaked product renders that we saw a few weeks ago and seem to lend further legitimacy to the rumor that Microsoft will launch a flash-based Nano competitor in addition to a refresh of the hard drive-based Zune.

For more on the forthcoming Zunes:
– see this Engadget article
– and this Zune-Online article


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