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OS X Leopard to launch October 26th

mac os x

Looks like we were right on the money with our OS X Leopard release date prediction: Apple has announced that version 10.5 of the Mac OS will be released on October 26th at 6:00pm. As you probably already know, Leopard brings a number of new features to OS X like the Time Machine automatic backup system, an official version of Boot Camp, a new dock with “Stacks” and updated versions of standard apps like iChat and Mail. Apple has also announced that it will ship Leopard Server alongside the desktop variant, which is good news for Mac admins everywhere. A single copy will run you $129, with a 5-user family pack going for $199–both versions are available for pre-order now on Apple’s website and include free shipping. Finally, anyone who bought a Mac from October 1st to the 25th will be eligible to upgrade to Leopard for only $10 in shipping and handling fees.

For more on Leopard:
– see this press release on OS X Leopard
– and this release on Leopard Server


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