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Microsoft offering XP-to-Vista ‘downgrades’

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Created Sep 24 2007 – 6:59am

[1]Well, this certainly comes as a bit of a shock. While it’s no secret that enterprises aren’t exactly crazy about Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system [2], we never expected the company to do an about-face and start offering up good old XP again. But it looks like that’s exactly what the folks in Redmond are doing: according to CNET, Microsoft is rolling out an official–albeit secret–Windows XP “downgrade” program, for businesses that buy machines pre-loaded with either Windows Vista Business or Ultimate. Apparently, the program allows PC vendors to include copies of Windows XP with Vista machines at their discretion and judging by the looks of it, major players like Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and Dell are all aboard the downgrade train. “We’ve been offering it and we’re still offering it,” Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden said. As it stands, Microsoft expects vendors to stop selling PCs pre-loaded with Windows XP before January 31st. If this clandestine program offers any indication, however, we could still be seeing XP machines for some time to come.

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– see this CNET article [3]

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