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Nokia’s N95 gets reviewed

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Created Oct 4 2007 – 6:59am

[0]It’s been a long time coming but Nokia’s N95 is finally, officially available for use on U.S. 3G networks [0]. Wirelessinfo got their hands on the expensive handset and put it through the paces; from the looks of it, the U.S. version of the N95 improves upon its successor in just about every conceivable way. "One of the biggest issues with the original N95 was the same problem that has plagued various Series 60 handsets for awhile now, lack of RAM," Wirelessinfo writes. Luckily, the U.S. N95 effectively quadruples the amount of available memory, making web browsing and multiple app running a much smoother experience. And what of the 3G? Wirelessinfo ran a few speed trials and found that "the new 3G N95 was over seven times faster than the older one on EDGE." While that’s mighty snappy, you’ve got to wonder about the battery life, especially after his Steveness swore off a 3G radio in the iPhone for the time being due to battery concerns [0]. Luckily, Nokia saw fit to pack a larger battery into the new N95; in Wirelessinfo‘s initial round of tests, the new version only lost an hour of battery life due to 3G. Not bad, not bad at all.

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