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AT&T; Tilt launches, gets reviewed

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Created Oct 5 2007 – 6:59am


Yesterday we reminded you [2] that AT&T’s HTC-manufactured Tilt should be hitting stores…oh, right about now. Gizmodo got some hands-on time with the tilting phone and while they seem quite impressed with the device’s GPS capabilities, some of the other features leave a bit to be desired. The biggest drawback that they found was the device’s speed: despite its relatively fast 400Mhz CPU, the reviewers experienced considerable slowdown while surfing the web and performing other simple tasks. Still, Gizmodo walked away quite enthralled with the Tilt’s built-in TeleNAV GPS software, which they characterized as being capable of an “almost standalone-GPS-level of navigation.” “All in all it’s a standard Windows Mobile 6 phone with a great HTC keyboard, standard HTC functionality and a slightly slow processor,” the reviewer writes. “However, the added features over the 8525 such as the awesome GPS navigation, flip-up QWERTY and WM6 itself makes this an interesting choice.”

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– see this review [3] from Gizmodo

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