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Run the Nokia N810 firmware on the N800

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Created Nov 14 2007 – 7:59am

Were you one of the loyal Nokia early-adopters who ran out and bought an N800 unit [1], only to be burned by the announcement of the far sleeker N810 [2] a few months later? Well, fear not, my Internet tablet-loving friend. While there’s little that can be done to add a QWERTY keypad onto your N800, you can install the far more exciting N810 firmware on your N800 with just a little bit of hacking. Before you scoff, however, let us entice you with a few details on the N810 firmware: it will boost your N800’s processor to 400Mhz, revises your browser to use a faster Mozilla-based core, and includes support for Skype video chat. If that was enough to whet your appetite, be sure to click through for the full deets on how to install the still officially unreleased firmware.

For more on the upgrade:
– check out this Cnet blog entry [3]

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